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Let The Gelling Begin…

I have been keeping a journal from the first day I received my gel in the mail. I have spent most of my career as a Nurse and I have paid attention to detail since my childhood. I knew that this would be the way for me to complete an accurate subjective assessment of all that my body was going to go through, weekly, daily and even hourly at times. 

I will have future posts that may break down some of these areas of noticeable change more clearly, but for today I simply want to give my current nurse’s report, so to speak. Here we go.

Within the first couple of hours of using the gel, I could “feel” something in my head being altered. It felt as though I had taken a pill that was adjusting a hormone level, and I was actually panicking because I have always been firmly against any medication that was going to change my personal body levels in any way. It took 3 years of hell before they could get me on medicines for my change of life. It wasn’t until my body was physically suffering dangerous blood lab levels that my doctor and I had a semi screaming match before I gave in. In my opinion today I made the worst decision possible in letting her put me on those monsters, but that is another story. 

This feeling in my head happened every time I used the gel for almost a week! Why didn’t this woman stop? Wasn’t the bad side effects a reason to just say forget it like I had so many other homeopathic agents before? No! I will explain why.

This feeling was also coming with immediate results and rationale for this nurse to wrap her head around. I was taking vital signs and checking urine ph, etc so I could SEE what the results were. It wasn’t a blind pill that was going to take weeks or longer to do its job effectively. This stuff was showing its results as I was using pumps. 

Within the first week I could tell a major difference in my anxiety level. I have been living with serious anxiety and roller coaster hormone rides for a little over five years now. I don’t sleep. I can’t concentrate. I am afraid of my own shadow most of the time. That PTSD has been in my life since September of 2013. It never leaves and it only gets worse with public interaction. I can no longer go near a mall or a Wal-Mart as the crowds are just something my mind can’t keep up with and it causes massive panic attacks. Those of course set off my asthma, so going anywhere near the situations that cause this were no longer options in my life. I haven’t driven a car by myself anywhere over the speed of 30 mph in so long that I can’t remember it at all now.  

I slept the 5th night. I actually slept. I didn’t toss and turn and wake my family up screaming at the top of my lungs at 4 in the morning. That happens a lot! That is when I realized I was actually not getting stuck in my nightly ritual of nightmares, playbacks and fear that rips through my soul like a sword. I was dreaming! Playful, happy, blissfully calm dreams. Dreams I could recall just as vividly as I do every nightmare I have. If this is the ONLY result I receive from this gel, my life has been forever changed. The good news is that it’s not.

I was in a horrid car wreck, at the hands of a high and drunk driver, who decided putting me through a brick wall was a smart thing to do one rainy night. I remember nothing to this day. I lost time that has never come back. My already Scoliosis back was now dealing with this. Strong I would never be again. Pain free was no longer an option. Strength training and maintain. That became the new normal for me many years ago. 

I was diagnosed with the worst case of Fibromyalgia ever seen by my doctors in over 20 years. This crap can literally render me bedridden unless I have my family help me get up some days. Walking through the freezer section of any store has been impossible for many years now. I usually have my heat near 80 by Fall because if I don’t I can’t walk. I am on the highest dose possible for it twice a day and that brings my pain to about 4 or 5 if I am lucky. Again, maintain and endure. Key words for life with Robbie. 

Are you ready? I noticed I wasn’t hurting when I got up in the morning about 12 days in. I was bending and getting up off a kitchen chair without struggling. My husband saw me bend over to get something one day and said, “How the hell did you just do that?” I said, “do what?” He says to me, “You just bent over and got that container out from under the coffee station!” Well heck, I guess I did, and I didn’t get dizzy, or fall over, or need him to help me get back up. I did it without even thinking. 

That’s when I realized… OMG… I haven’t taken my pills in two days. I have a weekly container that I fill up on Sunday evenings. I went rushing in the bedroom and realized it was Tuesday. I had not taken them and didn’t feel one bit of pain anyway! What I also hadn’t taken was my change of life pills from hell. I wasn’t moody. I wasn’t soaking the bed at night. I wasn’t crying over everything! So I went to every other day till Friday and stopped them all. I have not taken anything but my small blood pressure pill since Friday Oct 5, 2018. I have also not had a single muscle relaxer or pain pill. None. Zero. Nadda

Tuesday, October 16th 2018 was one full month on the gel. I didn’t skip a dose at all the first 2 weeks. I actually bumped up my size of dose on the 3rd week to help me push through the detox! That in itself is another post. 

Now for the biggest complexity to my first 30 days. I told you I am the critical care nurse that assesses everything all the time, right? Well, in 2003 while having a routine female exam day, my doctor panicked when he found a huge knot a little less than the size of a golf ball under my right arm. He was feeling around and asking me how long it had been there etc. I had not noticed it as I was taking care of 3 dying immediate family members in the same house and my family, as well as, 12 hour shifts at the Cardiac unit I was a nurse in. Imagine that we don’t take time for us. 

I was sent immediately to the front of the line with every cancer specialist in the group at work. I became a human guinea pig! My body was also doing some other weird things like not having good muscle coordination so the tests were massive. At the end of the results was, we don’t see anything wrong, so it must be a collapsed mammary gland from nursing your children. Okay, no cancer and I can keep going. Thank you. Good bye. 

Fast forward to 2014 when my female body decides to have an exorcism in my uterus and I am all but bed ridden with massive fibroid tumors that keep rupturing before we can even get to a specialist. Four hospitalizations later and we find I have more of these knots under my arm. The current team decides I am harboring infectious cyst pockets and that it is too risky to remove at my lymph nodes, so we are going to use antibiotics. During the 45 days in hell with those bad boys, I was literally sweating BLACK at night. I had entire outlines of my body on the sheets in black! Once my body started being taken over by yeast, they decided to give me a rest. People, I could barely get out of bed after that nightmare the Summer of 2015. Why did I tell you this story? Because last Thursday night I was looking at the assessment of my body and noticed ALL the knots are gone! Not shrunk a little like the antibiotic rounds did. Not making me bed ridden sick while trying to clear it up. They are gone! The detox was so freaking bad because it was clearing out whatever I fear was in my body for almost 15 years! I have no idea what it was, but it is gone. 

Ladies and gentleman, we thought that one day, my husband and family were going to lose their mother because no one could figure out what was wrong with me. My health has been declining on a rather scary pace for 3 years. I have been pretty much confined to my home and yard, where it’s infectious free and organically for me. I have been trying to heal myself from whatever they couldn’t find for years. Now, I have felt better in 30 days, detox hell and all, than I have in years. I owe my life and my freedom to start living again to the man who brought this to me. John Rakityan, I love you Brother. Thank you. 

Other things that are clearly noticeable are that I am up before alarm clocks and I am still sleeping like I did in school age years. My headaches are practically gone and I dealt with those daily. I seem to have less sugar cravings. I have been on a huge fish and veggies craving. That must be some things my body needs during all this transition. My moods are hilarious to my husband. He says I am never allowed off the gel in my life. He is rather enjoying the energy I am getting back so he decided to start gelling last night. Can’t wait to see his story because he is already healthy as an ox. This should be fun. Keep gellin folks… it will change your life.

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It’s been 100 days of The Gel and life has changed forever!

* No meds since Oct 5th 2018 for pain, Menopause, Fibromyalgia, Hypothyroid
* No Blood Pressure meds since Dec 12th
* No pain! I’ve been in constant debilitating pain to the point of not driving a car and needing help to get out of bed on really bad days. It is just plain gone!
* Anxiety gone! Literally gone… I am calm plain and simple
* I sleep like a baby! My body only needs about 6-7 hours now and I wake without an alarm!
* Can we say Sex? Oh yes we can!
* Joint mobility x 10!!! I feel 10 years younger than I did 4 months ago!
* Mental clarity…. I was in a complete fog before this gel. I couldn’t even remember my Anniversary! Now I am back to me.
* I have had horrible PTSD nightmares that will wake the entire house for years. I have only had 3 since the gel. This has been life changing because the Anxiety is gone!
* My hair is off the chain! 4 inches in less than 4 months! My nails are insane!
* My roots are coming in dark again
* The ridges on my nails have been a product of my thyroid for quite a while. Now they are growing in smooth! (I want to find more info as to why on this one)
* My caffeine use is near ZERO! One cup of wake up coffee with the Hubby and I’m done!
* I am craving clean whole foods and NOT sweets!
* I am down 2 pant sizes!

If you’re not Gellin…. You are losing!!!

Find the science here

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60 Days and Counting… Detox All But Gone

Wow! What a ride this has been. I have been on all sides of the spectrum since beginning my journey with this gel. 

First of all, and my favorite banner, Six pills gone forever. I take my blood pressure pill because I have still been having my ongoing issues with cardiac instability. Other than that I have not taken a Tylenol or Aleve in weeks.

It is cold outside and I am in it. This did not happen. It could not happen! I would not have been walking. My heat is on 68 degrees. Our home has been a constant maintenance of 75 degrees year round for 5 years now. My Fibromyalgia would not have allowed me any other option if I choose to be functional in life. The males in our home have learned to adjust and now they are begging me to turn up the heat. To say that I am in awe of this subjective data is but a blip of what I really am.

I know I have sure been thanking my Savior for all that has been leaving my body. Miracles aren’t always these mystical happenings that we need in order to continue on this journey. Sometimes all we need is a new perspective. I have lived so long in what felt like a shelter so that I could function in the best ways possible. My husband has literally created me an environment that I pretty much can’t get hurt in. We have done what needed to be done so that I could feel of value to my family in all this weakness and inability to keep my feet and legs under me. There are simply no words for where I am in 60 days. 

I sleep like I did in elementary school. I dream dreams of laughter and family and times when I was a kid. I remember them like they were replayed visions of years gone by. It is the most amazing thing. When I wake up I literally want to replay them again because there was so many details. I can remember the clothes we are wearing and where we were. Stunning vivid details.

I have not woke up screaming in over 45 days. That has been all my life. My father always used to tell me he stayed up until I came down with my pillow. Then he knew he could put me to bed and sleep himself because it was over. Whatever that was is no more, and again I say Thank you Jesus.

We went shopping this weekend because I have lost so much weight that my jeans were falling off my hips. I am down 2 1/2 pant sizes in 60 days. I have not been able to lose a pound in 5 years. I can’t wait for six months! 

My nails and hair are growing like crazy! Thick hard nails. They are beautiful. I never realized how much my hands look like my grandmother’s. She always had those beautiful long white nails. Now I do too. I have not colored my hair because I swore a month ago it was coming in darker. Now another month and it IS growing in darker. The dark is not more than they grey! It may not seem like that big of a deal, but I was in a car wreck very young, and my hair has grown in mostly grey ever since. Now is it coming in darker than ever. I will be A okay with this side effect! Sure beats the ones I detoxed off of after all those pills. 

My mind is calmer. My brain is not foggy anymore. Menopause who? No night sweats, no hot flashes, and no roller coaster emotions. The husband now refuses to ever let me run out of this stuff again. Made that mistake once and it was misery! I was reverting back as fast as I had been moving forward. Needless to say, him seeing me in pain again broke his heart and we made a pact…. never out of the gel again. Here is to the next year on this stuff. 

Keep following if you enjoy a very subjective assessment as my journey continues. I will be glad to talk to anyone who has questions. Shoot me an email at TheGelTrain@yahoo.com

If you’re not gelling yet… you are missing out on life! What are you waiting for? Get On The Gel… 

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An Assessment From Day Two I Found

24 hours later and just used my 3rd dose. These are my thoughts:

It’s hard for a successful woman like myself to admit when we are in medical crisis with our bodies. We can fix the world so why not us right?

This has been my path for many months now. I have contemplated doctors, but realized that was just time and money I didn’t have the energy for. I thought about the ER many nights in the last month. The internal stress my body is dealing with is unimaginable to me, so I know most will not understand.

Not only am I in the hells of Menopause, but my Neurologists tell me I have the worst case of Fibromyalgia they have seen in 20 years. Complicate that with a near deadly car wreck years ago and Scoliosis I have had all my life, and you have a train wreck that can barely get up most mornings.

Stress adds to all of this, and getting ready to bury my 2nd sibling in 8 months is wearing me down. I have to be there for my mother!

I literally live with blurred vision and my heartbeat in my head 24 hours a day. For the nurses and doctors out here… I have been living in mania for weeks. I can’t eat. I can’t keep a thought in my head 10 minutes. All I am is in “Nursing Mode and I am the patient!”

Now to hear a Level 1 critical care trauma nurse admit that…. yeah. It’s been unbearable.

Last night, about an hour before my 2nd dose was due, I was trying to get my blog set up. I looked at the clock on my laptop and realized I had been concentrating and working for over an hour and not got up, paced the floor, worried about my sister, or talked myself out of a panic attack. I blew it off as just a fluke cause all “meds” take at least a day or two right? WRONG!

I took my 2nd dose and went about reading some testimonies and getting ideas for how I am going to structure my online presence. My husband came home after work, and within 15 minutes he was asking, “You okay, you look so much calmer than when I left you today?” HE NOTICED!

I woke up this morning, did my pumps, and spent 3 hours sitting and talking! Not pacing, not on the phone checking on everything, not in mania!

That’s when it hit me! Our bodies are an intricate design with a brain and CNS that runs us like clock work. The reason some people see changes and feel differently faster than others is all dependent on where and what needs the help first!

HGH is the fuel behind all body mechanics. It will go to the deficits before anything that doesn’t really matter right away! Mine went straight to my hormones and started balancing the fight or flight mode I have been in for weeks! That’s where I need it most.

I slept 6.5 straight and didn’t wake up five times for the first night in so many months I couldn’t begin to tell you when I slept last. I was wide awake when the alarm went off!

This is a life changer and I am grateful to God that John stayed on me over this product. My lifestyle literally depended on me getting this help!

Here’s to Day Two~!

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Let’s Talk About This Detox

How many of you remember the elders saying things like, “You can’t have the good without the bad.” Or how about, “What goes in must come out.”

They were right! All of it probably, but on this subject surely. You cannot put things into your body and not have a reaction. We all want the feel goods and the positives, but as with all things in life, you can’t have one without… the other!

Right now I am in The Other. Today is better. It has been a solid 5 weeks and I have went through many alterations in my body. I want to take the time to break them all down so that others going through this can better understand why.  We are quick to embrace the goodness, but oh my the journey is not all roses and chocolate. Mine right now are excess sweating, crazy bowel movements and more of them, urine that sometimes looks like brownish gunk in the stool, and fatigue.

When I started getting frustrated that I was not feeling all the joyous things I was reading in other people’s testimonies, I began to seek the reasons why. You know us nurses, if you don’t give us rationale, we ain’t listening! Like it or not… that fits every nurse I have ever known and worked with, male or female. We are just a certain breed and we must be fed the way our brains can absorb it.

As I was dissecting all the things going on I began to realize something. Before all those pills began taking over my life, I wasn’t bloated. I didn’t have issues going to the bathroom. My cycles were all pretty regular in terms of every day living. I only needed the pills because the pain and the night sweats and the inability to sleep had taken over. My moods were swinging from tears watching kitten videos to warning my sons that today was the day they could die if they messed with Mom. One moment I loved my precious husband and the next I wanted him to jump off a cliff as long as it meant he stopped asking me what was wrong! How do I know what’s wrong? Nothing is the same. I feel like I am in an alien invaded body that no longer cares if I sleep or if I walk the floors pacing. It didn’t bother asking me about anything. It was doing what it wanted, when it wanted too, and I had zero control over any of it.

Once the doctors ran some tests and started me on the first pill, Progesterone, to stabilize my moods, I began to reach for hope. I thought this was what every woman at my age endured and it was simply my time. One pill wasn’t going to be “That bad.”

Months later I was barely able to keep my head up. I was ten times worse than when I had started and all I wanted was off the pill. My husband kept insisting that I go back to the doctor and so I did. Tests were run and it was now showing that my thyroid was all messed up. Well, as if that wasn’t bad enough, I was critically low on Vitamin D and my body had been stripped of all its natural estrogen as a result of the first pill. I argued and wanted off that pill, and yet I came home on not one, but 4 more. Two for vitamin D, one was Estrogen and one to stabilize my thyroid. Great, now I am a junkie and pills have become my life. Not my ideal way of living but I was almost 50 and I guess I am just at the age to take them now. 

A month later I was in so much pain. My legs cramped all the time. Getting out of bed on my own was becoming a chore. Keeping my head up for more than a couple of hours was literal hell. I was in misery. The doctor decides its time to take my as needed pills of Flexeril and Tramadol and make them more permanent. She also talked me into taking a pill especially for Fibromyalgia. I had a horrid allergic reaction to one years before so that was an argument. She won and Savella became a twice a day thing, along with my others. I was now on 8 medications for a gamete of reasons. My life had been taken over by the pharmaceutical industry and depression became my new best friend. 

I was lost. I was not in nearly as much pain once we hit the highest dose available twice a day, but I also had no appetite, I never slept, I couldn’t get my legs to quit moving all night, and I was struggling to have a bowel movement every two to three days. I was gaining weight and bloating. My headaches were off the charts and sometimes lasted for days at a time. Excedrin Migraine became another pill I was best friends with. This was the story of the last 4 years of my life. 

Now fast forward to week three of the Gel. I was not hurting. I was sleeping. I was going to the bathroom. What was going on and why? I needed that rationale again. I was feeling better with the gel in 3 weeks than I was with the pills and before. What was the point of them now? I saw none and decided to taper myself off completely. Could this really be possible. Yes! By the end of my 3rd week I was off all my meds except my small blood pressure pill. 

This is when the real detox kicked in. I was going to the bathroom, bordering on diarrhea several times a day. My craving of water was and still is insane! I love water and have for years. I think at this point it’s the one reason I haven’t completely collapsed at some points. The hydration was not an issue, so it had to be the flush. My body was ridding itself of all the buildup that had taken place in the colon, liver, pancreas, gall bladder and fat in my body. It was releasing toxins that were previously unable to leave due to the chemical makeup and ingredients in all those pills. My hormones were regulating enough to get some priority and perspective back into my body and it is now actually functioning as it should have been all along. There have been some urine issues as well. I was fighting a urinary tract infection for a few days in week 3. I believe it was because of all the garbage the kidneys were filtering just overloaded my system a bit. I drank even more and alkalized my system enough to prevent bacteria from growing. Once that was through it has gotten nothing but better. I am improving by the day. There has been no fatigue or cruddy feeling since Sunday October 21st, so I think it is safe to say that in 5 weeks I have detoxed enough to start seeing really improved results in the near future. 

If you are on the Gel and reading this, do NOT stop! Do not take a break! Push through. Wellness is on the other side. If you are interested in more about my journey, always feel free to leave comments and I will be happy to talk with you. 

Here’s to a better gellin life!